Creative Arts

Creative Arts are highly valued as part of the all-round education offered to pupils at Agora International School Barcelona. We believe that through artistic expression children can show what they are thinking and feeling and that the arts provide a vehicle for students to express their emotions and share their inner view of the world.

Participation in the creative process, both individually and in groups, enables children to find new ways to express themselves and to share their work with others, not only providing a forum for their own creative skills but also learning how to appreciate and value work created by other children. Through the creative process our students come alive and gain awareness, seeing and understanding the world differently and connecting with the imaginative and expressive sides of their personalities.

Creative arts are used as a learning tool to foster creativity, self- discipline and understanding, improving our pupils’ ability to express themselves through imaginative, reflective and critical thought. Art is a way of expressing feelings, but can also help students to find strategies to overcome any obstacles they may face. Art develops our students’ intellectual and creative capacities, strengthens their communication skills and provides an outlet for positive self-expression.


“Art enables students to understand the world around them. As well as fostering a healthy sense of wonder, students in Agora cultivate creativity, respect for others, determination and critical thinking in their Art Classes. All ideas are respected, all effort is rewarded and all creativity is celebrated.”

Daniel Summer

Art Teacher

“For me, art is a way to express myself and disconnect from the world. It’s not just about picking up a pencil and thinking about something else, the most unimaginable idea is the best.”

Elia Carrillo

3rd ESO Pupil

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