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Going beyond the requirements of the official curriculum, pupils at Agora International School Barcelona receive a broad musical education. Music plays a fundamental role in an all-round education and personal development. It improves cognitive development and memory, and teaches our students self-discipline, perseverance, sensibility, order, team work and precision. These skills are transferrable and enhance many other areas academic life and personal relations at our school.

All our pupils learn at least one stringed or wind instrument as part of the Orchestra Project (violin, viola, cello) or the Big Band Project (trumpet, French horn, trombone, saxophone, clarinet, flute, drums and guitar), also developing their vocal talents by taking part in choral activities under the guidance of the Montserrat Choral school. The students perform regularly for their classmates and are encouraged to participate in orchestral groups or choirs within the school. Students are offered the chance to extend their musical skills within the extracurricular programme.

Agora International School Barcelona is affiliated to the Liceu Music School in Barcelona and we have access to the Liceu’s teachers and resources, supplementing our own music programme with teaching materials and evaluation criteria shared with the Liceu. Thanks to this agreement, pupils get the chance to obtain the Liceu’s Elementary Diploma in Music, and can continue studying with the Liceu to advanced level.

The music teachers and staff of Agora International’s Music Department work with the Liceu Music School’s teaching team during pupil assessment to ensure a standardised process. As this programme is followed throughout each phase of the curriculum, once they have completed the 6th basic level, they are awarded the Liceu’s Basic Level Diploma, allowing them to move on to prepare for higher-level music qualifications. This programme, and the support provided by the Liceu Music School, allows our students to play and sing at various events including performances at Barcelona’s Palau de la Música or in the Liceu’s main Auditorium.


“Being able to teach a discipline as human and emotional as music within curricular education, through learning instruments, being part of an orchestra and big band and singing in a choir benefits the pupils in ways which go beyond just the music.

The good environment among the teachers and professional coordinators in the background makes me proud to be part of this music and educational project.

The pupils are more motivated every day since they have achieved goals that they themselves didn’t even believe possible. They are able to play and sing songs they like and which make them feel emotions. They learn to work in a team and to be organised. Their minds are developed and all areas enhanced, improving their educational and personal growth.”

Teresa Lluveras

Music Teacher

“Since Lluís and Albert started at the school, they have been linked with the music department, with no insistence on our part. This shows us that they have always felt well accepted. They have taken part in important school events and the school has always been with them at important times, such as level exams and official recognition of the levels achieved. However, in addition, we believe that the school has had a positive influence on the day to day of curricular subjects.

For all these reasons, our experience with the school music department is 100% and completely recommendable.”

Family of Lluís and Albert Cano Borràs

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