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Agora International School Barcelona: Enrolment now open

Agora International School Barcelona is a private international school that stands for educational innovation, academic excellence and personalised attention to the needs of every student under our care. We offer a full curriculum at every academic stage from Pre-school, Primary (Elementary School), Secondary and Baccalaureate. Also, Pre-university, incorporating both the Spanish National system’s Bachillerato and the internationally renowned International Baccalaureate (IB). We offer complete programmes in the Arts, Music and Sport and focus on an immersive multi-lingual approach to teaching and learning.

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100% pass rate for Selectividad

Including our exclusive Pre-University Preparation Programme

Immersion in English

and preparation for official language examinations

Sports Centre

providing for more than 14 different sports and with 3 Affiliated Sports Clubs

Partnered with Barcelona’s Conservatorio del Liceo

with music forming an integral part of the curriculum

Educational Excellence

At our School, educational excellence is based upon innovative teaching methodologies designed to ensure that every student reaches their maximum potential, wherever their skills may lie. Our teachers receive regular training to ensure that they remain at the cutting edge of their subjects and we are continually updating our technologies and resources to ensure that our students are provided with every opportunity to excel as they progress through the school: from Pre-School, Primary and Secondary to Baccalaureate and Pre-university. We want our students to be fully prepared both personally and academically to succeed within the global community and so our senior pupils are given the opportunity to study the International Baccalaureate, a renowned academic programme that provides access to top universities around the world.


Global Readiness

Studies suggest that early exposure to foreign languages contributes to cognitive development, and we believe that competence in a variety of languages is the key to preparing our students for success within the international community. We employ multilingual teachers, provide an environment of linguistic immersion and work towards official language qualifications in each of the languages that we offer. Thanks to the fact that our school forms part of the NACE International Schools Group who own and run more than 30 schools in 6 countries, we are able to offer our students unique opportunities to integrate with other students and cultures from around the world. Our curriculum is delivered in three languages (English, Catalan and Castellano) and our pupils also study Mandarin Chinese and at secondary level choose to study either French or German as an additional language.


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More than just a school

Our Curricular Enrichment programme offers courses in the creative and performing arts, music and sports which we believe are essential to the all-round education of our students, promoting skills such as self-discipline, determination and team-work. Agora International School Barcelona Private School is partnered with Barcelona’s Conservatorio de Liceo music school, which allows our students to prepare for the Basic Level Music Diploma, and our state of the art sports centre provides the opportunity for our students to participate in more than 14 different sports.


Values-based education

At our school we believe that a clear value system based on respect, tolerance, self discipline and a strong sense of personal and social responsibility is key to preparing our students to make a positive contribution to the wider world. These values form the underlying foundation of our curriculum and, in addition to daily inclusion in the overall life of the school, also involve our students participating in collaborative projects with charity organisations, NGO’s etc. We want our students to lean how to learn and to acquire the tools that they will need to ensure their future academic, professional and personal success.


Facilities and services

Agora International School Barcelona has a purpose-built sports centre with two astro turfs football pitches, basketball handball, tennis and padel courts and an indoor sports centre with a semi-Olympic sized swimming pool. Our students have access to more than 14 different sports, with swimming included on the curriculum at Primary, Secondary and Baccalaureate, and three sports clubs affiliated to their specific leagues.

Agora International School Barcelona is located in a beautiful, natural environment close to the city of Barcelona. Our school buildings are designed with light and airy classrooms, fully equipped laboratories and specialist classrooms for technology, art and music and a library – all fully resourced for the requirements of each educational stage.

Agora International School Barcelona offers a number of additional services; a dining room and our own kitchens on site, which cater for individual dietary requirements including vegetarians and children with food allergies or intolerances, bus services and extended hours in the mornings and after school, all designed to make life a little easier for our students and their families.

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