Core Principles

The Agora International School Barcelona curriculum is based on the four fundamental principles adopted by all Globeducate: Educational Excellence, Global Readiness and language immersion, More than a School Curricular Enrichment and Values-Based Education. These four core principles provide the foundations from which we achieve our main objective: to prepare each of our pupils to live happy, fulfilled and successful lives in a globalised world.

At Agora International School Barcelona Educational Excellence is one of our fundamental goals. We help our students to identify and develop their specific skills and individual talents using progressive teaching methods in a personalised and supportive learning environment. Our highly qualified and experienced teachers ensure that our pupils have the tools they need to reach their full academic potential. Innovative methodology, excellent teachers, up-to the minute technology and purpose-built facilities provide our students with an unrivalled opportunity to achieve academic excellence.

Global Readiness is another key element of our educational philosophy at Agora International Barcelona. We provide the opportunity for immersion in three main languages, English, Catalan, and Castilian Spanish, and also offer classes in Chinese, German, and French. Our language classes are taught by native or bilingual teachers, and pupils are prepared for external examinations in order to acquire internationally recognised qualifications. Global Readiness also involves international exchanges, projects and activities organised by the Globeducate Group bringing together students from all over the world to share experiences, exchange views and forge friendships.

The third core principle of the Agora International School’s educational philosophy is our More than a School Curricular Enrichment programme. The Curricular enrichment programme is an integral and complementary element of our formal academic curriculum and provides students with a whole range of knowledge and skills above and beyond the strictly academic sphere. We offer complete courses in sports, music and creative arts and we strongly believe these subjects are essential to the development of a well-rounded, well-educated individual. Our curricular enrichment activities also provide a supplementary vehicle for the delivery of our fourth core principle; Values-Based Education. Our students are continually encouraged to adopt and develop a personal value system that incorporates respect, tolerance, compassion, commitment, and a sense of social and personal responsibility and to carry these values forward into their future lives.

Educational Excellence

Educational Excellence is the first of our core principles and involves the delivery of successful teaching methodologies by well-trained and experienced teaching staff. Innovative methodology, highly qualified teachers, new technologies and excellent facilities provide our students with the perfect environment for educational success.

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Global Readiness

Multilingualism provides the basis for our second core principal; Global Readiness. At Agora International School Barcelona our trilingual teachers, policy of language immersion, qualifications that are respected worldwide and, thanks to the Globeducate umbrella, access to exclusive international experiences, prepare our students for a truly international academic, social, and cultural future.

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More than just a School

Co-curricular activities include music, creative arts and sport and complement the academic curriculum at all educational stages. These subjects are essential to the development of a well-rounded individual and give our students the chance to excel in areas beyond the purely academic sphere. These additional subjects develop a whole new range of skills and accomplishments including abstract reasoning, self-discipline, sensitivity and self-expression, fitness, healthy lifestyle, cooperation and teamwork.

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Values based Education

Our curriculum is underpinned by a clear set of values which are incorporated into all aspects of the educational process. A values-based education is essential when it comes to educating our students how to make the world that they live in a better place. We want to ensure that our students go out into the wider world with a clear ethical compass, including respect for themselves and for others, tolerance, self-discipline and a sense of personal and social responsibility.

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