Values Based Education

Our school’s core values form the backbone that underpins our pupils’ academic, social and personal progress at Agora International School Barcelona. Our values programme is designed in stages to ensure that a sound ethical base supports all stages of our students’ education.

Our school values are reinforced daily in all aspects of the curriculum. We strive to develop our students’ emotional awareness from an early age, instilling good habits which promote self-discipline, respect and companionship.

In order to acquire knowledge, our students need to be self-disciplined, to be able to obey rules and instructions and to be positive and determined. We also expect our students to be polite and respectful in order to become positive ambassadors for themselves, the school and the group as a whole, strengthening our sense of community.

Academic excellence goes hand-in-hand with personal excellence. So, from Preschool onwards we encourage our students to adopt the school’s positive values. Through forming good habits, work routines and behaviour, our students learn to embrace the meaning of perseverance, self-discipline, tolerance and respect for themselves and for others. As they move through secondary school and Baccalaureate, the values of critical thinking and conflict resolution are instilled in our students, as well as a spirit of entrepreneurship, research skills and constant innovation.

Students are encouraged to participate in external charity programmes and community projects throughout their school life, but especially in Primary School. This provides a wonderful opportunity for the children to apply our school values of solidarity, empathy and social responsibility. Our students collaborate with various charity projects, such as Banco de Alimentos de Sant Esteve Sesrovires, a local food bank, or CRIS Contra el Cáncer, a not-for-profit organisation which promotes research in the fight against cancer.


“The teachers, who are experts not just in their subject but also in other fields, are guides to us both in the academic environment and in understanding the world we live in. They play an important role in our lives, by educating us in values and as people.”

Lorenzo Fresno

1st Baccalaureate pupil

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