Educational Excellence

At Agora International School Barcelona our goal is to prepare our students to live successfully in a globalised world and educational excellence is one of the core principles that helps us to achieve this. We employ only the most talented teaching professionals and use the most efficient and effective teaching methods to identify and nurture the individual strengths of each pupil. Our class sizes are small enabling our staff to give each child the attention they need, to identify their strengths and weaknesses and to help them to achieve their full academic and personal potential.

The process by which we achieve educational excellence is continuous and consistent and involves the balanced and coordinated development of the whole person: ethical, spiritual, cognitive, communicative, aesthetic, physical and social. Our focus on educating the whole person is undertaken via an integrated and diverse curriculum promoted throughout all stages of your child’s development, from the moment they enter the school to the moment they graduate. Our educational programme is innovative, based on sound educational methodology and delivered via a talented teaching team. We have an excellent support team, including an educational psychologist who provides additional monitoring and guidance for students, teachers and families as required. We work together to provide your child with the best possible preparation for a successful future.

Curriculum and Stages

A truly international curriculum

The curriculum at Agora International School Barcelona is thorough and comprehensive and focuses on the needs and requirements of each individual pupil and on the realities of today’s social and working life. We offer a multilingual, broad-based curriculum that includes music, creative arts and sport, cultivating valuable, responsible members of the global community.

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Effective Learning

Designed to reach the potential of every student

The teaching methods used at Agora International School Barcelona are innovative and designed to achieve the highest results, in terms of both academic and personal achievement. Each pupil, guided and supported by their teachers, develops the skills required to become an independent learner and to take responsibility for their own academic future. Our teachers employ a wide range of tried and tested teaching techniques to make best use of the potential of every student under their care.

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Technological Innovation

New technology for teaching and learning

New technology has enabled us to improve traditional teaching and learning processes and to provide new and dynamic opportunities for your child’s classroom experience. Activities such as Coding encourage cognitive development and open the pupils’ minds to the almost limitless possibilities for technology in the future, preparing them for the challenges of tomorrow.

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Our Teachers

Constantly progressing….

In order to deliver our curriculum effectively, we employ highly-qualified, inspirational teachers and offer continuous and ongoing training to ensure that we are up to date with the most recent teaching practice. Initiatives such as our Mentoring Scheme, or the Globeducate Platinum Standard Support and Improvement scheme, help our teachers stay at the cutting edge of the profession and in tune with the latest educational solutions.

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Educational Psychology Department

Support where it’s needed

The Educational Psychology Department at Agora International School Barcelona works alongside pupils, teachers and parents offering a differentiated service to attend to the specific needs and circumstances of each individual. The psychology department works in close collaboration with the families to ensure home – school consistency and provide individual support and guidance where needed.

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