More than a School

The main aim of Agora International School Barcelona is to help our students to become modern, global citizens. We equip them with a sound base of academic and interpersonal skills and an outstanding musical, sporting, artistic and values-based education.

We go beyond the demands of a traditional curriculum, placing prime importance on music, sports and the arts, which we embrace within our curriculum for their positive contribution to our students’ cognitive, creative and social development.

Music, art and creative subjects promote skills and abilities such as concentration, memory, sensitivity, creativity and sensory development, which can be applied across may other fields. Likewise, sport develops physical skills and encourages values such as teamwork, friendship, respect and cooperation.

All these disciplines form part of the school’s daily routine, and are vital for our students’ all-round education.


The main aim of the Music Education Project at Agora International School Barcelona is to provide the pupils with an active and inspiring musical experience which goes beyond the classroom:

  • Learning to play one or more instruments.
  • Regular concert performances.
  • Stimulating artistic sensitivity and self-discipline.
  • Association with the Liceu Music School.
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The school has a state of the art, purpose-built sports complex which we put to full use to develop our pupils’ physical skills, emphasising the values essential to successful sporting achievement:

  • Developing individual physical skills and abilities, promoting talent.
  • Participating in different sports, knowledge and understanding of a variety of sports, games and activites.
  • Promoting individual skills such as determination, perseverance and self-discipline.
  • Promoting team skills including leadership, communication skills, cooperation and sense of fair play.
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Creative Arts

Participation in the arts boosts creativity, self-expression and sensitivity, all contributing to the education of a well-rounded and empathetic individual:

  • An opportunity for children to express themselves through creative mediums.
  • Development of artistic and creative skills, and thinking “outside the box”.
  • Stimulating concentration, empathy and seeing the world from a different perspective.
  • These subjects are mainly taught in English.
  • The opportunity to take part in various local and international competitions.
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