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Hamad, 9 years old, Saudi Arabia

“I don’t want to leave the school I want to stay here. I am so sad to leave.”

Secondary Pupil

“I have joined [ICS London Summer School] for 6 years in a row and I have always had a great time and I have improved my English a lot.”

Violeta Clar

“Stonar is fantastic: as well as learning English we did a lot of great activities: drama, sports, visits to London, Bath, Cardiff, and Bristol, dance, talent contests… But best of all is making new friends. As well as meeting people from Agora School in Castellón, I met people from lots of different places: France, Luxembourg… […]

Mother of Primary pupil

«I am very happy to have my daughter in Agora International School, it is a first class school. I feel very comfortable with the college, and I feel very fortunate that my daughter is receiving her education in a safe, happy and innovative environment, surrounded by nature and beauty.»

Elia Carrillo

“For me, art is a way to express myself and disconnect from the world. It’s not just about picking up a pencil and thinking about something else, the most unimaginable idea is the best.”

Daniel Summer

“Art enables students to understand the world around them. As well as fostering a healthy sense of wonder, students in Agora cultivate creativity, respect for others, determination and critical thinking in their Art Classes. All ideas are respected, all effort is rewarded and all creativity is celebrated.”

Family of Lluís and Albert Cano Borràs

“Since Lluís and Albert started at the school, they have been linked with the music department, with no insistence on our part. This shows us that they have always felt well accepted. They have taken part in important school events and the school has always been with them at important times, such as level exams […]

Teresa Lluveras

“Being able to teach a discipline as human and emotional as music within curricular education, through learning instruments, being part of an orchestra and big band and singing in a choir benefits the pupils in ways which go beyond just the music. The good environment among the teachers and professional coordinators in the background makes […]

Maria Rosselló

“We are enjoying this new experience; the subjects are interesting, the teachers are dedicated to helping us and the way of working is a lot more motivating. We feel as if we already have a foot in the University”

Lucía Herrera

“One of the things I like most about the IB is the amount of doors to the future that are opened to you, no matter in which country you do it or where you want to arrive”

Pep Palou

“The aim of the IB is to achieve the maximum from its students. It really is demanding, but I’m determined to give my best”

Bárbara Zboromyrska

“The International Baccalaureate is a good opportunity for pupils to attend foreign universities, with more possibilities than the rest with the normal Baccalaureate. In addition, an international baccalaureate studies a bit of every subject, and this enables pupils who are still hesitating about their future to think for longer about what they want to be. […]

Nicole Prats

“It was a very interesting and fun trip. I really liked the school that we stayed at because it was big and I loved what they taught us in the classes. The boarding house was great and I loved playing games and watching TV with everyone else in the evenings. During our stay at Stonar […]

Natàlia Reig

“At Agora International School Barcelona, a real importance is placed on trilingualism. We have two children aged 6 and 8 who since P3 we decided to educate here for various reasons, one of these being the importance we give to being able to communicate in various languages. From their first day at school they have […]

Louisa Field

“Learning languages opens a gateway to endless possibilities. The benefits of becoming bilingual or multilingual are enormous. Research has suggested that the brain of a multilingual person can have better attention and task-switching capacities than that of a monolingual person. From a social point of view, those who are able to speak different languages not […]

Anna Canals

“Working at Agora International School Barcelona opens the doors to a globalised, innovative world. As an education professional, I try to make learning easier for the pupils so that they become more independent, work in teams and think rigorously and creatively. The dedication of the team we have means that our objective is based fundamentally […]

Laia Oviedo López

“My experience as a pupil at Agora IS Barcelona was very positive, complete, and extraordinary, in terms of both personal and educational development. I had the privilege to know great teachers and better classmates and friends. Thanks to all those years spent at this school I am the person I am.”

Miguel Ros Figuerol

“For me, the education Agora IS Barcelona provided me with was essential, both in the school subjects and in values, encouraged by the great team of professionals that the school teachers are. Without doubt, the tools I gained during my time as a pupil at this school have been the pillar for my university studies.”

Núria Valls Canudas

“For six years I experienced the school’s first steps and had the pleasure to grow alongside it, as a pupil and as a person. In a very familiar environment I received the support of each and every one of the teachers, from who, among classmates and friends, I take with me a great education and […]

Rosa Maria Molina

“Personally, I think this school-family relationship is very practical. For example, when we have questions about the homework, exams or any other information we’re not completely sure about, at home our daughter Mariona is the one who tells us to look at it on the CAV. It’s a link which is always there when you […]

Clara Gimeno

“The team of teachers is made up of education professionals who offer the best of themselves every day for the education of children, not just in terms of content, but also as human beings. This last aspect is for me just as, or more, important as the subjects taught, as of course, I want my […]

Noa Fortuny

“I like this school because every day when I arrive the teachers help me to have a good time, to learn and to have fun. I like how they teach us, patiently and nicely. I have a really good time with my friends, they let me play and they help me if I need it. […]

Biel Canyelles

“I have been at the school for 3 years and I have a really good time. I like the playground because there are two football fields and I play my favourite sport with my friends. The children are really nice and they are nice to me. The teachers are really nice and they always help […]

Júlia Puig

“I really like the school. I have a really good time and it’s really fun: I paint, I learn Chinese, we have a really good time. At break time we look for insects and I play “Pica Pared” with my friends. It’s very important to share because we’re big and we have to behave well. […]

Anna Ruzafa i Parra

“Our experience with the teachers who have accompanied our children in the 7 years we have been at the school is very, very positive. We have found very motivated and dynamic teachers who have personalised our children’s education to the individual needs and abilities of each one. Communication with the teachers is very fluid, we […]

Lorenzo Fresno

“The teachers, who are experts not just in their subject but also in other fields, are guides to us both in the academic environment and in understanding the world we live in. They play an important role in our lives, by educating us in values and as people.”

M. Eloísa González Rodríguez

“Since the first year, now 8 years ago, I have found a school which opened its doors to a fluid, cordial and constructive relationship with families. This rewarding collaboration process, based on respect and confidence, shows my children’s feelings of happiness, security and motivation towards learning, conscious of the close relationship which unites us. The […]

Natividad Arco

“Without doubt this is one of the most exciting and ambitious educational projects that I have ever been involved with. The students’ level of English is impressive and the school’s commitment to areas like music and sport is excellent. The teachers in all subject areas are dedicated and professional, but the thing that impresses me […]

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